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importance of mantras for childhood cancer

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

A little mantra goes a long way for children with cancer.

From a young age, we are all taught the power of positive thinking and affirmations. While not a cure, mantras have helped many children battling cancer get through difficult treatment days and side-affect moments, and today we highlight this creative way of incorporating positivity.

The concept of mental health can be hard to explain to children: it's a complex subject. But helping your child create their mantra is an easy pathway to unraveling this critical part of being human, especially when they are on the difficult journey of healing from cancer and undergoing treatment. In many ways, it's like a superpower, and when repeated, the affirmations can help a child feel empowered on their journey through cancer.

Get creative together in creating a unique mantra!

The beauty of language is that there are so many ways to create fun phrases and affirmations. Inspire your child to develop their mantra if it makes them feel better, to be as expressive and creative as they want. What's their favorite cartoon character or a fun word that they like to use to feel happy? They can turn it into a rhyme or a little song. If they like music, incorporate a fun instrument into it maybe.

Another fun way you and your child can take the creativity a step further can be with are! Draw, paint, or make clay crafts based on their mantra. Arts and crafts as expressive therapy for children do wonders to help children express their emotions and thoughts, and battling cancer is a difficult journey to work through emotionally- at any age, but significantly as a young child still growing and learning about the world. You can read a little more about this here.

Take our Mantra Challenge by posting a photo with you and your child holding up their mantra artwork, and tag us on Facebook.

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