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The impact of Believe in the Gold is huge for me. I can’t express how grateful I am to you and the volunteers that make Believe in the Gold happen. I am a single parent doing this whole cancer diagnosis thing solo. I have felt like I am on my own little island a lot of the time – no one really understanding or knowing what my son and I go through.


I know people wish kids didn’t get diagnosed though and the way they help is like a hug for me – I feel that much less alone in this. To be able to send in receipts to help lessen the financial burden of growing debt is huge and eases some of the stress. Thank you so very much.


– Michelle Heglin

Thank you very much for your support, our family greatly appreciates it. This has been a very difficult time in our lives.


– Leah Stevenson

Thank you so very much for your assistance, we are grateful to Believe in the Gold for the kind contribution to our family support.


We are happy to participate in some of the events that the organization has planned, please feel free to add my email to your contact list and send all advertisements for the various activities to same.


Thank you again!


– Carolyn Tomlinson-Elliston

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