Supporting FAMILIES

Many Canadians do not know about the devastation of childhood cancer on families, especially their finances. Families are responsible for many health care costs beyond what may be covered by provincial or extended health care plans, which can easily become overwhelming. Our program strives to provide some financial relief for the families.


Supporting Families Program helps those with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status.

We cover all medical cost as outlined in the Canadian Revenue Agency – Eligible Medical Expenses, SEE OUTLINE.

If you claim costs through this program, you are unable to write them off on your taxes. Our year runs from January 1st to December 31st.  Please have all receipts for the year by December 31.

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​A note from your Oncologist, Doctor, Primary Nurse, or Social Worker is required.

Original receipts are required from the pharmacy or point of purchase.

For the travel fund, please fill out the appropriate application.

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Thompson Family

Thank you so much for the support this organization provides to families in difficult circumstances. I have not sent an email of gratitude to you before, and I apologize for that. It is truly appreciated! I've included a picture of our daughter Maea, whose life has been improved by access to these funds.


— Colin & Amanda Thomson


Malabanan Family

This is Ica my daughter, she got an NGtube today.


Thank you so much for the support and care for her, and for the financial help for us.


May God continue to bless you all!


— Mother of Ica