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2021 Run/walk for Childhood Cancer

480 days of covid vs 1277 days of treatment – you try it​



September 1 - 30,  2021~ Calgary (Virtual Only)

September 25/2021 ~ Regina (Live Event & Virtual All Month Long)

A brief announcement for our Run/Walk for Childhood Cancer Awareness events coming up in September:

Our event in Calgary on September 18th will now only be virtual for the entire month of September. 


The next event in Regina on September 25th will be held live and virtually as planned and in Regina at the Legislative grounds, West Lawn. 

You can support the fight to end childhood cancer by registering for the virtual portion where you rack up the kilometers during the whole month of September anywhere you can.

Childhood Cancer comes in numerous forms, and besides the mental and financial hardships dealt to those families. The treatment regiment is grueling and often outdated and lasts a long time.

Treatment in many cases lasts for 3.5 years or 1277 days if you want to look at it that way. Compare how you felt dealing with 490 days of covid and multiply that from a time point only. Believe in the Gold with your support is helping to change the treatment protocol. Let's continue making a difference and joining us again for our 9th annual Run/Walk for Childhood Cancer.

Take the #YOUTRYIT and join us for the 9th annual Run or Walk for Childhood Cancer.

Become a sponsor and join the journey to end Childhood Cancer. Email us below to learn more or click here. 

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Believe in the Gold, Little Golden Star - Brie-Lynn

Believe in the Gold, Little Golden Star - Brie-Lynn

At just over a year old, Brie-Lynn was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma, a large tumour in her stomach. But that wasn’t where her story began. Months before, she had been coming down with inexplicable fevers, one after another. It was only after a cross-Canada road trip to visit family in Ontario that her family really saw that something was wrong. Brie couldn’t sit comfortably for long periods of time, which were typical for family trips. Her little baby belly was hard to the touch. The diagnosis came quickly after this. Once the family found out about the tumour, it seemed to kick start its growth. Brie- Lynn could no longer walk. The tumour was so large it was pushing on her major organs and vascular system. The tumour threatened kidney function (which could have put her into kidney failure), and the redirection of blood flow made her tummy very veiny. What came next for Brie’s cancer protocol was 43 weeks of aggressive chemo (4 different types of chemo drugs), surgery and 20 sessions of abdominal radiation (once the tumour shrunk to a peach size). When that was completed, there were an additional 6 months of maintenance chemo. Now the family deals with the aftermath of dental decay, future concerns of post-treatment conditions to major organs, and the possibility of a relapse. Brie has had to grow up so fast. She now loves putting make-up and perfume on. She loves playing with LOL dolls, dancing and singing to the Old Town Road song (this song makes her laugh). Being tickled makes her laugh uncontrollably. She loves her iTunes to watch videos. She loves camping and campfires. Brie-Lynn’s parent’s advice for other parents with Childhood Cancer, “Go with your gut feelings, Be their voice. Use Child Life and connect with whatever support is offered.”
Believe in the Gold, Little Golden Star - Auralia

Believe in the Gold, Little Golden Star - Auralia

9-year-old Auralia was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in November 2018, just weeks before her 8th birthday. Two days after admission, she had surgery to have a PICC line inserted in her arm/bone marrow biopsy because she was too sick with the flu to have an IVAD placed. The first month was a blur of induction, bone marrow biopsies, spinal taps, testing and a whole lot of chemo. She then had 6 months of consolidation therapy, which consisted of admissions every 3 weeks for 2-3 days as well as the list of other daily and weekly meds. She is now in maintenance chemotherapy, which is 2.5 years total, Auralia has 1.5 years left to go. Auralia is doing much of her education at home with her mom to limit her time out in public, and keep her healthy. The family does get out into the outdoors as much as possible, and they love the mountains, hiking and nature. The best feeling since diagnosis has been watching Auralia get stronger and being able to hike and climb further and further. So far, her longest hike/climb since diagnosis is 8.5 km into a cirque between two mountains in Kananaskis. Her parents also really enjoyed watching Auralia finally get the chance to ride a horse, thanks to a family friend. Jet is a musical ride horse who dances! It was amazing to watch her feed, groom and ride Jet, and she even managed to get him to walk backwards (with a little help). Auralia’s parent’s biggest advice to other parents – “Never doubt your gut instincts. Always be the biggest advocate for your child.”


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