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Greta was a happy, healthy energetic baby. Then she started having some vague symptoms, unexplained fever, a little nausea, less stamina – nothing serious but worrisome enough to make visits to the doctor.

After some investigation and nothing showing up Lindsey, (Greta’s Mom) knew something was wrong. The family doctor sent her to Alberta Children’s Hospital. After various tests Greta went for an Ultrasound. That’s when our world changed. They found a mass on her liver.

Just before she turned 2 years old Greta was diagnosed with Heptoblastoma. This is a rare liver cancer found in fewer than 1 in a million children.

Greta started her first chemo treatment on her second birthday. She had several more treatments preparing her for a liver resection. The surgery was a major event, even for the surgeon who performed it. This was followed by more chemo and another major surgery to investigate spots on her lung to make sure they were not cancerous – they were not.

She tolerated her treatment extremely well! Although she lost her hair, and had to be isolated because of low immunity, Greta remained a happy, exuberant child.

At the end if March she was done her treatment and had “no evidence of disease”. Oncologists said recurrence was unlikely. We were overjoyed!

Then, on a routine follow up visit to the doctor, we had disturbing results from a blood test – it looked like the cancer was back. Greta is now with her family investigating life-saving treatments. We look forward to meeting her as one of our Golden Stars at A Touch of Gold Gala this March 4th. Join us! GET YOUR TICKETS and support these amazing children and their families.

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